Hanshi Solly Said has been involved with Kickboxing since the early 70’s, when it first became popular in America, where it was first known as Full-Contact. Tournaments usually took the form of ‘all-Styles’ event, pitting Karate, Kung fu, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do against each other.

In the 80’s when Kickboxing became popular in the rest of the world, Hanshi Solly had already introduced it, and was running a Kickboxing program. Hanshi draws from his many years of experience in the Martial Arts to bring to the student one of the finest kickboxing systems available.

We teach a scientific method of improving flexibility and stretch. In most cases, students should be capable of going into a full split; using Hanshi’s tried and tested method.

The Kickboxing program taught at “Said’s Gym” is a variety of developing ones punching, blocking and kicking skills. Methods include:

  • Applying techniques against heavy punching bags and focus pads.
  • Grappling and grappling avoidance techniques.
  • Floor grappling techniques.
  • Formal sparring. This is based on light, medium and heavy contact.

    The different levels of contact are to suit our members – Men, Women and Teenagers. We also encourage the use of protective equipment in the case of women and teenagers especially.

    Our Kick boxers train and prepare for competing, but it is not necessary for a kick boxer to compete – we also cater to people wishing to do Kickboxing specifically as a good form of Self Defence.

    We conduct Kickboxing classes Monday – Friday evenings. Join our program now to shed excess weight, get fit, enjoy a good sweat – and learn a great form of self-defence!


    Please contact us directly for our very competitive fees.


    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Personal Training one on one clases

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  • Image 1 The Organizations objectives are inter a’lia : To cultivate individuals with high levels of physical skills and spiritual, and moral characters, to promote karate-do in under privileged areas where there is such great potential but has never been tapped, to further our study of the history, philosophy and the metaphysical dimensions of Karate-do.
    Image 2 Philosophical meaning Ken To Fude No Karate Ryu - The karate way of the brush and the sword.
    Image 3 Idealogical meaning : Kenshu Kai - Institute of the fist


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