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About Hanshi Solly Said

Solly Said – Soke, 9th Degree Black belt in Karate and Oriental Weapons Expert, is a rare breed of Master, Practitioner and Master Teacher, known for his amazing rapport with children. His students often train with him from early childhood to adulthood and beyond. Parents regularly voice their gratitude for Hanshi’s consistent and reliable guidance and support throughout their children’s developmental years.


Established in 1965, Said’s karate, kickboxing and Gym is the longest standing Gym and Karate facility in South Africa. Solly Said (Hanshi, 8th DAN Professor PhD MA Sports Medicine, SOKE) is an inductee of The World Multi Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He has worked tirelessly over four decades in order to provide you with the best Fitness and Martial Arts Training anywhere. Professional fitness trainers, martial artists and staff will ensure that your expectations are exceeded and your fitness goals become a reality.

Image 1 The Organizations objectives are inter a’lia : To cultivate individuals with high levels of physical skills and spiritual, and moral characters, to promote karate-do in under privileged areas where there is such great potential but has never been tapped, to further our study of the history, philosophy and the metaphysical dimensions of Karate-do.
Image 2 Philosophical meaning Ken To Fude No Karate Ryu - The karate way of the brush and the sword.
Image 3 Idealogical meaning : Kenshu Kai - Institute of the fist


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